About Us

Our Mission,
To provide our customers the most effective materials, systems, and solutions expeditiously through our knowledgeable sales force and professional support staff.

A little history . . .
Cantwell-Cleary is now in its tenth decade of service to the Washington area business community. The company began as the “T.A.Cantwell & Co.” back in 1914, when Woodrow Wilson was the 28th President of the United States and Americans were yet to experience World War I.

The company was founded by Thomas A. Cantwell, a native Washingtonian who pitched for the Cincinnati Reds before establishing the business. In 1930, fellow Washingtonian William F. Cleary joined the company. From that association developed one of the major independent paper and packaging supply houses in the Washington area.

Service: Our company objective has always been to provide excellent service coupled with a diversified line of quality products. A total dedication to service is one reason that many customers and suppliers who appeared in our records in the 1914-1916 period can be found on our modern computer reports.

Products: Cantwell-Cleary is also an authorized representative for more than 250 manufacturers encompassing an almost limitless range of products. It would be impossible to list them all here. Should you need information regarding product sizes and types available, your Cantwell-Cleary representative will be pleased to assist you with additional information.

As in the past, our plans for the future will be guided by the needs of our customers and sound business management practices. We have been careful not to sacrifice service for the sake of expansion. Our primary goal will continue to be excellent service with an ever increasing line of diversified quality products in order to be responsive to the requirements of our customers in the mid-Atlantic region.

Shirley A. Cleary, CEO